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How We Teach

Morgan Hill Art School offers a Core Curriculum -  Draw, Sculpt, Paint, Design


Drawing - The ability to draw is the cornerstone of personal and creative expression.  It helps to improve both memory and heighten cognitive behavior.  Our drawing classes can be your fresh alternative to a new generation of significant change within academic success.  


Sculpting -  We say, "Playing in mess equals less stress!"  Our sculpting classes can be a wonderful stress reliever.  It can help to improve hand eye coordination, with the added benefit of building dexterity into a deliberate practice.​


Painting -   Colors on canvas can help bring to life a playful spirit. Our painting classes offer the know how to utilize all colors as one's liberating step to inspiring one's own creative development. 


Design - Our world is made up of the stuff  we use to help make our lives come together.  Our design classes can offer you a mindset and creative approach to help evolve the community and the world around you.  

Here is a sample list of the classes we are teaching for the 2019-2020 school years.


 Art Fundamentals  All Grades

 In this course, we will focus on the Elements and Principles of Design.  We will produce various types of art from drawings to paintings, as well as sculpture.  We will study key artists and artwork with each project.  And we discuss art and its impact on society as a whole group collaborative.


Photo Editing Upper Elementary (4-5grades) Middle School and High School

 Students will be introduced to the basics of digital photo editing. Using Gimp we will crop images, color correct images, and seamlessly modify images. We will learn how to use layers, how to clone paint, and how to mask images. A fun project we'll do is use multiple images and merge them together into a convincing single image.


Game Design Upper Elementary (4-5grades) Middle School and High School

 Students will be introduced to the core basics of game design. We will introduce goals, rules, and mechanics that will help make a fun game. Together we will create simple games to be played and iterated on. As a group, we will game jam at the start of each class to help build team collaboration, and help generate ideas. 


Art History All Grades

 In this class, you will learn how to talk about art and understand art. We will look at key artworks throughout history and use art vocabulary to have discussions, give opinions, and form evaluations on art.


 Elementary Drawing Lower and Upper Elementary

 We will focus on drawing concepts that include line, space, value, proportion, and life drawing.  Students will learn these concepts by creating drawings that are fun for the age group. Students will use a variety of drawing tools including, graphite, charcoal, pastel, ink. 


Elementary Painting Lower and Upper Elementary

 Students in this class will learn the basics of color mixing, composition, and they will practice drawing skills while painting projects such as animals, the seashore, sunsets, nature, and more. Students will work in a variety of painting mediums such as watercolor, acrylic, pastels and more.


Middle and High School Painting

 Students will learn the basics of painting.   Emphasis on the basics of color theory, paint application, and composition.  Students will learn about key eras of art history both eastern and western.  Using nature as an influence, students will create works ranging from landscapes, still life, and abstract paintings.


Sculpture Upper Elementary, Middle School

 In this course, we will work with a variety of materials like found objects, recycled objects, clay, paper and more to create exciting three-dimensional works.  Projects include wire sculpture, paper sculpture, ceramics, paper-mache, mixed media and more.


 Mural Making Upper Elementary, Middle and High School

 Students will work with Line, Shape, Color, Proportion, Scale, and more to create wonderful mural artworks.  Students will be taught the basics of mural artworks and use community, culture, environment, and nature as subjects for mural compositions.


 Ceramics All Ages

 In this course, students will learn the basics of hand building. We will create works using pinch, coil, and slab method.  We will also create beaded jewelry works.  We will make cups, mugs, vases, animal banks, and more.


Digital 3-D Modeling Upper Elementary, Middle School, High School

 Students will be introduced to the basics of digital 3d modeling using Blender. Students will learn scene navigation, model sculpting basics, and basic model UV unwrapping. Students will sculpt simple hard surface and soft surface objects from reference, and memory. Students will design, model, and render a finished 3d scene.


 Drawing  Middle School High School

 All completed assignments will be critiqued by the instructor and students.

Students will be taught the many uses of pencils in the drawing world.

Crosshatching, shading, and stippling will be discussed. We will also examine

how light effects shapes.  Pen & Ink will be introduced in some class compositions.

The human form will be discussed with quick timed gesture drawings, with a concentrated drawing of the hand.  

Colored pencils will be introduced in some of the student's final compositions. 



Animal Illustration  Middle School | High School

 Draw your favorite animal. Learn how to create photo-realistic artworks using soft pastels.  This class will teach you the basics of working with soft pastels.  Students will learn how to use line and shape to draw, create values by blending colors and creating depth in their work.


Printmaking with a press | High School

 Using traditional techniques, in this class students will carve and print woodblock and or linoleum prints. Students will work from life to stylize and create wonderful works of art that can be used over and over again.



Exploration in Abstraction | Middle School and High School

 Students will use art as an expressive medium to create paintings in different techniques and media.  Emotions and energy can be let out on the canvas.  Like working out in the gym this is working out your emotions, and challenging your mind. In this exciting class, we will focus on Movement, Rhythm, Line, and Color to create bold unique visual compositions.


Digital Illustration  Upper Elementary, Middle School and High School

 Students will be introduced to the basics of digital illustration tools, basic vector graphics techniques, and basic graphic design techniques. Example projects we will do our personal logo designs, movie poster designs, and t-shirt designs. 


 Art At Your School Prices:

All courses will be taught by industry professionals many of whom are credentialed

All materials supplied by Morgan Hill Art School


During The School Year Prices:


Full Day:

Five  45 minute classes  $275


Half Day:

Three 45 minute classes  $180


One Class:

45 minutes  $90


Afterschool Enrichment

Paid by student

6-week one-hour weekly course $75per student


Prices can be reduced or eliminated with funding from donations

Morgan Hill Art School is a 501(c)(3) and will attempt to collect funds for these programs

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