You Are What You ART! - Abstract Painting Class

We will explore three steps:

  • Playing- Get in touch with your inner child, no judgement, no fear, just play.

(Mark Making with Black Paint, pens, tools etc.)

  • Exploring- Be free to take risks, make changes, adding things you love. (Adding mixed media like news print, Magazine words, and Colors that express your Personality)
  • Clarifying- When you find the things you love, declutter and feature them. (Highlighting the parts that speak to you personaly)


Adults- Beginner to intermediate - Thursday 5-7pm. 6 students per class (due to covid) 6 classes total 185.00 plus materials.

I will provide the 16”x 20” Canvas!



You Are What You ART! - Abstract Painting Class Tuesdays 10-12pm 1/11-2/15

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  • Supply List – Abstract Art Class Jeanie Watson

    Acrylic paints:

    Liquitex basics, Masters Touch and Golden paints or any student grade is fine.

    (Hobby Lobby, Michaels etc.) 4 oz -4.99 8.3 oz - 8.00 (they offer discounts also)


    Any shades of these basic colors are good. You can use limited color palate of your favorite colors 3-5 colors plus white and black. (not necessary to purchase all these paints listed at this time unless you want to or already have them.

    Permanent Red


    Light Magenta

    Dioxazine Purple

    Cadmium Yellow

    Yellow Ochre

    Cobalt Blue

    Cerulean Blue

    Person Blue

    Light Blue

    Burnt sienna

    Raw Umber

    Sap Green




    Chrome Oxide Green

    Permanent Black

    Titanium White

    (I use Liquitex Acrylic Gesso instead of white paint)

    Matte Medium or Mod Podge





    Palette knife for mixing

    Sponge brushes

    Various sizes - I prefer Bristol brushes for acrylic

    Collage Materials:

    Any photos, prints from magazines, printed words form old books, printed tissue paper, wrapping paper, art, any stencils, anything you want to glue on your paintings to create interest, and layers that mean something to you.



    Tray for paints, Water spray bottle, Pencil, Black sharpy pen, crayons, china marker black and white, colored pencils. Anything you have for mark making.



    16x20 canvas (I will provide the canvas!) any surface to paint on should be primed with gesso.

    gloves if desired- (I put on hand lotion prior to painting, it helps remove paint).